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Michigan Rock Art’s directional North Star logo shines brightly over Traverse City, MI, and serves as a beacon to lead you to your favorite rock art collectables and photographs. Let your mind relax as you take an enjoyable stroll through our rock art gallery of imagination, creativity and inspiration.  We aspire to be the source that speaks directly to your soul that facilitates the connection between you and our precious art creations. 

Michigan Rock Art serves as an exclusive, rock art gallery store featuring lapidary artist, Cher A.  We also offer our art gallery services to other MI lapidary artisans who are in search for an outlet to express their creativity and present their meaningful designs to our customers.  If you're interested in becoming a part of our creative community, contact Michigan Rock Art for details on how to become a part of this unique, online rock art store and gallery.

Cher A

An inspirational artist, I channel my creativity through my deep connection with God's creation of Mother Earth. Her offerings are presented to me on the beaches of the Great Lakes that surround Michigan. I gather the elements from her shores that consist of rocks, sand, shells, roots, grass, glass, wood and other items she may present. Her gifts, captured years in the making, journey through time, to eventually rest in a place and moment when our paths cross.

From the first moment I witness her inner beauty reflecting in the light of the warm setting sun, I pick this magnificent gift up in my hand and the connection is made. At that very moment my mind fills with wonderment of what will become of this precious gift. This gift's journey will continue on through time, destined to be with the one who seeks to connect and be in her presence for years to come.

All of Michigan Rock Art by Cher A are one-of-kind creations.  As the featured artist of Michigan Rock Art, she can be contacted via the Contact Us page.


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